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Yes, frankincense tears can be consumed safely when used properly and in moderation. Consuming frankincense tears has been a practice that dates back centuries and is known for its various benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Consuming Frankincense Tears:

Frankincense tears, also known as olibanum, have long been used in traditional medicine and spiritual practices. When consumed, frankincense tears can offer a range of benefits, including:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Frankincense tears contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects, which can help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of conditions like arthritis and asthma.

2. Enhanced digestion: Consuming frankincense tears can stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, improving digestion and relieving symptoms such as bloating, gas, and indigestion.

3. Immune system support: Frankincense tears have antimicrobial properties that can help strengthen the immune system and protect against infections and illnesses.

4. Mood enhancement: The aroma of frankincense tears has been known to have a calming effect on the mind, reducing stress and anxiety. When consumed, frankincense tears can promote a sense of relaxation and overall well-being.

5. Spiritual practices: Frankincense tears have been used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Consuming frankincense tears can help create a sacred atmosphere and enhance meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices.

How to Consume Frankincense Tears:

When consuming frankincense tears, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure safety and effectiveness:

1. Choose high-quality frankincense tears: Look for reputable sources that offer pure and organic frankincense tears to ensure you are getting a high-quality product.

2. Start with small amounts: Begin by consuming a small amount of frankincense tears, such as a pinch or a few tears, to gauge your body's response. Gradually increase the amount if desired.

3. Mix with other ingredients: Frankincense tears can be mixed with honey, water, or other herbal blends to create a more palatable and enjoyable experience.

4. Avoid excessive consumption: While frankincense tears are generally safe to consume, it is important not to overdo it. Stick to moderate amounts and listen to your body's signals.

5. Consult a healthcare professional: If you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications, it is always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating frankincense tears into your diet.


Frankincense tears can be consumed safely and offer a range of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. When used properly and in moderation, consuming frankincense tears can enhance digestion, support the immune system, promote relaxation, and enhance spiritual practices. Remember to choose high-quality frankincense tears, start with small amounts, and consult a healthcare professional if needed. Enjoy the benefits of this ancient and sacred herb in your daily rituals and spiritual practices.

Eryn Ritchie
yoga, mindfulness, spirituality, coaching

Eryn is a certified yoga instructor and spiritual guide, making use of natural elements such as incense and herbs in her teachings. She holds a strong belief in the transformative power of these organic materials to boost mindfulness and promote therapeutic effects.